So where should I start?

My name is Mark, I am 56 and I own a music shop in Glastonbury.

Sonus Magus started as a sound art gallery in Abbey Mews Arcade.

We moved to our current location on Glastonbury High Street in 2019.


I became fascinated with sound when I was a small boy and psychoacoustics became a special interest. In my quest for knowledge I've had the the privilege of working as a professional musician, pioneering music technologist, programmer and sound engineer. I was in Britain's first Acid House band and my brother is Adamski. I worked as a musician, recording engineer and producer for Duran Duran from 1993 till recently. Burned midnight oil in Abbey Road, Paisley Park and Sunset Sound. Toured the arenas and stadiums of the World. And often hear songs I've recorded playing in the supermarket when I buy my groceries.

Assistance in the art of rebellious noise

Sonus Magus is not actually a guitar shop. I explore, research, or stock all kinds of instrument, in fact anything I am curious about. This probably extends to that rusty old thing your Grandad once played when you were a kid. It's currently sitting in your loft? Go ahead, bring it in!

Retail and repairs

My primary instrument is guitar. I am a self taught musician and my knowledge of music theory is scientific. My primary field of musical expertise is computer based digital audio workstations and synthesisers. I build recording studios and maintain and setup all kinds of musical instruments including minor electrical repairs. I have considerable experience with MIDI and modelled guitars.

​Second hand or new, selling on your behalf

The majority of the stock in the shop is new, supplied by British wholesalers. We sell at RRP and value knowledge and service over discounts.

We also stock new instruments made by select British cottage industry manufacturers such as Alan Miller guitars, or Wildwood flutes. If you make something interesting and you would like to sell in Glastonbury, please contact me.

We work with various local guitar techs and luthiers, who supply the majority of our second hand stuff.

We occasionally offer trade-ins at a percentage of current trending market value (dependent on age, condition and interest/rarity) against new instruments in the shop. Only one instrument per purchase will be taken in part exchange. We will occasionally sell exceptional second hand instruments on consignment. We take a commission and pay the owner after they sell.


​Bespoke instruments.

I build handmade one off instruments and electronics which provide a unique opportunity to incorporate tailor made sound into your art. Custom made instruments, being unstandardised, offer a freedom of range in form, character, choice of materials and workmanship which mass produced counterparts can never equal.

​In a global music marketplace, where discovering new music can be like finding a needle in a haystack, anything you can do to stand out from the crowd can be like a beacon, shining a spotlight on your talent in a world of darkness.

​Why open a music shop as retail plunges into recession?​

Buying online leaves us with a niche that flies in the face of homogenous marketing. Glastonbury High Street still offers a wealth of successful independents who follow this model. By tailoring services to specifically meet customer requirements, I feel bricks and mortar stores still offer an unbeatable buying experience, for successful people who want to benefit from talking things through, seeing the value in one to one advice and knowing where that expertise can take you.